Rand Paul Says Principle Could Have Stopped Attack If “He” Was Armed

| April 5, 2013

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) told a crowd of students at the University of Kentucky on March 27th that the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, could have been prevented if school employees carried firearms.

“The only thing that probably could have prevented that shooting would have been if the principal had a gun in his desk or if the teacher had a gun at his desk.”

Sandy Hook principal, Dawn Hochsprung, and school psychologist, Mary Sherlach, were killed on December 14th, as were teachers Rachel D’Avino; Anne Marie Murphy; and Victoria Soto.

Substitue teacher Lauren Rousseau was also shot and killed.

The school principle was a women. The teachers were all women. Women who shielded the children in their charge with their own bodies, and who gave their lives in the process.

If the principal had a gun in his desk, or if the teacher had a gun at his desk.

Perhaps Senator Paul’s version of the event would be more credible if he could at least bother to get his facts straight…

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